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This blog is set up to serve as a way to collect feedback from users of GeoDia, a spatial timeline of the ancient Mediterranean developed by Adam Rabinowitz (University of Texas at Austin, department of Classics), Peter Keane and Stuart Ross (UT Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services), and Nick Rabinowitz, using Nick's timemap.js library and the LAITS DASe architecture, with support from two LAITS project grants. It will also serve as a place where GeoDia managers can alert users to additions, changes, and new developments. The GeoDia code itself can be found at http://code.google.com/p/geodia/.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GeoDia tutorial video 7

This video, the last in the series, shows how a user can create links to specific results sets or download them as KML for viewing in Google Earth.

GeoDia tutorial video 6

This video explains how a user can manage results sets by promoting, hiding, or removing items.

GeoDia tutorial video 5

This video demonstrates search functions in GeoDia.

GeoDia tutorial video 4

This video demonstrates how to view the details of a site or event in GeoDia.

GeoDia tutorial video 3

This video explains how a user can find information by browsing.

GeoDia tutorial video 2

This tutorial video explains the content of the GeoDia interface.

GeoDia tutorial video 1

The first tutorial: an introduction to the website.

Screencast tutorial now available!

We've finally completed a set of screencasts that walk users through GeoDia and its functions. These will eventually be posted on the FAQ/User Guide page of GeoDia itself, but until then, they are available on YouTube, and are posted here.

GeoDia at the LAWDI workshop

GeoDia was part of a presentation given by Adam Rabinowitz at the NEH-sponsored Linked Ancient World Data Institute (LAWDI) workshop held at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World in New York, May 31-June 2. The presentation focused on issues of metadata and information sharing for archaeology and the ancient world. The Institute was productive and exciting, and we look forward to putting some of the Linked Data principles discussed there into practice.

Rabinowitz at LAWDI
View more PowerPoint from atomrab

GeoDia at the meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians

GeoDia was presented as part of a talk on historical GIS and data sharing in ancient history at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians in Chapel Hill on May 4. In the same session, chaired by Sandra Blakely of Emory with respondent Brian Turner of Portland State University, Walter Scheidel of Stanford presented the ORBIS website and Soren Matei of Purdue discussed the Visible Past website and its connection with Open Context.

GeoDia at the Computer Applications in Classical Archaeology conference

Adam Rabinowitz presented a paper on GeoDia and its use in pedagogy at the 2012 Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology conference in Southampton, UK, on March 28. The paper has been submitted for publication in the proceedings, and is undergoing peer review.